Accreditation Management

Ginger Owl Productions are an accreditation specialist with extensive experience in the accreditation and registration fields across numerous high-profile events.  We are ISO registered and our senior team have formal training in the EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation Certificate.  We offer end to end accreditation services to include:

  • Setup of the event accreditation system with options to supply an online portal, jotform or excel database.
  • Advise on what pass types are required and produce a pass level access summary.
  • Design and production of passes.
  • Advance with all applicants with one point of contact from our team.
  • Advance postal fulfilment of show accreditation with various printing, postal and packing options.
  • Management and issuing of all accreditation on site.  We can supply a full team of experienced accreditation personnel.  We have teams trained on various industry standard accreditation systems.
  • Production of event pass sheet and briefing to security onsite.
  • Covid-19 supervision, logging and data processing.

All our staff are issued a GDPR training document and briefing handbook before commencing any project.  Our event managers are all supervised by the Company Director or Data Protection lead.